Women Self Defense

Interested in Women Self Defense?

Then we are the best fit for you in Medford Oregon.

Plus, we specialize in private 1-on-1 lesson’s.

Which means I can literally give YOU all the training you would normally get in 30 days in a GROUP CLASS setting In 1 Single PRIVATE 1-on-1 Lesson.

“Yes.. 1 Day of Private 1-on-1 training with a Master Black Belt is equal to 30 days of group training!”

And after 3 days of Private 1-on-1 Training it would be close to literally 90 days of training in groups with feedback from a Master Black Belt.

Thats why we are the BEST choice for Women’s Self Defense in Medford Oregon.

Yes, after your first Lesson Your Confidence WILL Grow.
Yes, after your first Lesson Your Self-Defense Will Grow.
Yes, after your first Lesson Your Martial Art Skill Set Will Grow.
Yes, after your first You’ll learn How-To-STOP a Bigger Stronger attacker.

So how do you get started?

1st step is We always interview everyone to make sure they are a good fit for the dojo and that we are good fit for you.

Before You Call Us at 541-608-2848, To “set up our private interview” I recommend you Check out what others are saying By Clicking Here.

“The Self defense and MMA taught at this School is easily the best I could find. You will not find it anywhere else. Doc and Master Jack’s Dojo is one of a kind… A Standard which to evaluate all other martial arts and instructors!
Kerry Goldstein
“This is a GREAT place for yourself! Or your Children!
NOTHING compares to Doc’s and Master Jacks training!”
Shawn R Scott

“I Have To Say I am Learning So Much!
My Self-esteem and Knowledge and Self-Worth has risen IMMENSELY!”
Rupinder Kaur Grewal

“I came In Skeptical…
About 2 Months in I can say that I’m SOOO Impressed”
Violet Carter